Nene’s Hope honors LaBresha “Nene” Felder, and her valiant and
resilient spirit in her lifelong battle with sickle cell disease. This nonprofit
is deeply devoted to sharing the stories of children and adults who are
living with sickle cell and creating systems of support for those
individuals. Our mission entails providing scholarships, sponsoring
research fellows, and creating awareness about sickle cell and its impact.

Nene was diagnosed with sickle cell at the tender age of six months. By
the age of six, she received blood transfusions weekly.  At age eleven,
Nene began chelation treatments.  Throughout her childhood, Nene was
hospitalized at least once per month to receive various treatments in
order to ward against complications from sickle cell.  At twenty-one,
Nene began dialysis three times per week due to renal failure.  Even with
such extensive medical treatments, doctors predicted that she would not
survive past the age of thirteen. Nene, being the ardent fighter, defied
those odds and lived to the age of twenty-nine. In her twenty-nine years,
she truly was a ray of light for all of those who knew her. She left a
legacy of love and compassion. Nene’s Hope strives to continue that
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